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My Audio Bookshelf

This is an idea stolen directly from Dave Rupert. He has this nice looking bookshelf of all the books he’s recently read or is currently reading. And that’s all fine and good, but I can never make the time to sit down and read a book. I do, however, listen to quite a lot of audiobooks while I work, do chores or commute. I’m basically always wearing headphones if I’m not with my family.

Leaving My Comfort Zone

A few months ago a new client approached me about redesigning their Rails app. It was pretty straightforward; replace Bootstrap with Grid Layout and give the UI a modern look, something I’ve done several times before. But I knew nothing about Rails before this client reached out. So my gut reaction was to say no. But then I thought about what it would mean to take on a challenge like this.

The Struggle Is Real

A few weeks ago I read a blog post by Ash Furrow about normalizing struggle. Everything was spot on, but there were a few things that resonated more with my life. preference All too often I find myself doubting whether or not I’m capable of doing the job in this new career path I’ve set myself on. This is more commonly know as impostor syndrome. It’s something that is openly talked about in the junior development community.

My Development Workflow

I’ve been reading other developers workflow as of late. Mainly because my current setup has taken a turn for the worst and I’m reconsidering how I work altogether. The latter being the key point in all of this. Although my MacBook hasn’t been cooperating with me for some time now, I believe my problem lies in my point of view. While searching for alternative setups, mainly around using an iPad, something seemed to stand out which was not about the tools themselves.

Tagging Automation

With the Files app coming to iOS 11 this fall, I’ve begun a summer cleanup of sorts with my files. Over the years I’ve accumulated – hoarded – plenty of legal and financial documents, as well as other files I feel I might need to reference at some point in the future. The problem I have is that often I can’t find what I’m looking for and end up wasting up to several hours looking through folders on Dropbox and even actual physical folders at times.

On Procrastinating

Have you ever gone down one of those online rabbit holes and end up on r/disneyvacation for some odd reason? Yeah, me neither. For a lot of us procrastinating is the norm and actually getting some work done is the accomplishment of the day. So we do a quick Google search on “how to stop procrastinating,” and then you hit 2.3 million results with topics like “7 magical tips” or the “2-minute rule” — whatever that means — but nothing helpful.

Guess what happens when you go smaller?