About Me

I’m Juan and I make websites for a living. I’ve worked for the better part of a decade in IT until I decided to make things instead of rebooting them. For the entirety of my development career, I’ve worked freelance. Due to my lack of relevant experience when starting, I was unable to get a job. So, I made one for myself. The majority of my time has been spent working through UpWork where clients from all over the globe hire me to redesign or build their sites and applications.

Other than that, there’s not much else you need to know about me; I’m not all that interesting. I’m a voracious reader, like going to the movies, follow a lot of webcomics, and listen to a ton of podcasts. I delivered a baby once; that’s interesting, right?

Anyhow, this site serves two purposes: a testing ground for new web technologies I’m learning and a place to share my coding journey. So ideally you’ll see the quality of the site improve and the source code constantly evolve. Fair warning, I’m a shitty writer so don’t expect much from the content.


These are some of the recent projects I’ve worked on. For a printable resume, you can go here.

Guess what happens when you go smaller?